Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mmembe: Simply a Victim of the Wrongs of Yesterday

There is nothing sinister or euphoric about Fred Mmembe's conviction and incarceration. Contempt of court laws have always existed and will continue to exist. If we begin to understand why jurors in America are sequestered during some trials, then we will begin to make informed decisions on the contempt of court laws. Let us learn to be objective. I find that as a people we react with emotions and not reason. Mmembe is not the first to be cited and convicted on the archaic law of contempt of court, and he will not be the last as long as archaic laws are not reviewed or repealed. As hard as we may find it, Mmembe is a victim of laws we could have reviewed decades ago. I have not pity whatsoever, because as a people we continually suffer from historic amnesia.

Why then do we cry now, when we have hundreds of our fellow citizens imprisoned without bail over several archaic laws. There are hundred of our fellow ciizens languishing in jails on bailable offences simply because they have no sureties or permanent domicile. Mmembe's case should be debated in the broader sense and not the narrow self-serving purview of political rhetoric that it is currently being given. RB did not write the archaic laws. How come we are not asking why opposition MPs have not lobbied for repeal or review of the archaic laws in our statutes. It is our narrow consideration of issues that lead this country nowhere.

The wrongs of yesterday, will always have victims tomorrow.