Thursday, June 18, 2009

Analyse First

Reading the CSO, in particular, Transparency Internationals, response to Judge Musonda's judgement on the Dora Siliya case, one is left with utter feelings of pity and a sense of melancholy. Judge Musonda used precendents to argue his case, the Tribunal did not cite a single precendent on their finding that Dora breached the constitution, how then can any analytic individual argue that the ruling is unfortunate. It is mere hogwash and crap for CSos to misrepresent facts. Judge Musonda should be upheld for his legal uprightness, and not be critised because of the mere winds of political and public discontentment. CSOs in Zambia should stop being euphoric and playing to the media spotlight.

Gosh.., analyse first and talk later!

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  1. "Transparency Internationals" should read "Transparency International's".